More, more, and even more VAs

WHy the surge recently of new approved VA’s?

Anybody know let me know?

Also is there a limit on the max VA’s IF has as we are getting so many! (Almost too many!)

By the way congrats to all approved recently (-:


No there is no limit to how many VA’s there are. Some will be more successful than others though. Only a few stand the test of time.


An increase in VA’s was expected after the Global release. And it’s cool, now there’s a bigger chance that anyone can find the VA that suits them the best.


Competition is the best thing for any VA/VO. Keep them coming! :)


Right thanks for letting me know all (-:

I think there will have to be a limit one day where if you have been going for a year and have less than 10people then you are given 3-6 months to recover or you are dismantled??? Up to you guys what do you think

  • I dont know
  • We need a limit on the number of VA’s
  • We need a criterea for VA’s and they need regular assesment
  • Let there be a million! It will bot affect me
  • Other (please comment your suggestion below

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From an IFVARB perspective, yes there has been an influx recently which we can put down to both more general enthusiasm (which comes with more users) and global settling down. As we see it, there is no need for a limit- the forum is growing in users so there is always more demand and healthy competition is a good thing. We welcome VAs that have 10 users just as much as we welcome ones with 200, provided they meet our standards. A limit would cause hostility towards preexisting VAs and a more restricted environment- something which we do not want.

However, it is a bit hypocritical you’re saying there is ‘almost too many’ VAs when you are currently in the application process for your own…


MaxSez: I called VA’s “ Parisitic Infestations” when they first poked there head under the IF tent years ago. I said once in, never out! Even with an IF regulator most VA are 1 horse operations that fail in there first 60 days. To me there apparently mostly ego toys for little boys who get off bossing people around. If I had my way I’d close them out it they where not loose knit member only operations with no outside influence. I choose “Other” since a “Let them eat cake “ option was not offered. G’day


What if you don’t want more?!!

I’m the new ceo of the new DynamX and what I can say is that there it’s made for the best and only the best pilots. A limit like that to me makes no sense.

If a va isn’t working the ceo will figure it out by himself

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Extremely good point there😂

People need to be coherent…

Why is this even a topic?
Why is there a poll?
How does the number of VAs have any impact on your flying experience?

Just seems like we are trying to make a deal out of nothing. My $0.02 worth.

VA’s give people more reason to fly and is good for the growth of the sim. Yes there are good and bad VAs but for the most part trying to add organization to an already crazy environment is always good.


Good point 😂

Didnt even notice i had put that!

All i am trying to say is that ones with maybe only a few members are likely to be not as active and therefore i thought maybe a limit but i will continue to listen to everybodies opinions and i will let everybody how i feel in the end!

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Ok i understand why that limit wouldnt work for you so maybe each type of VA:


Maybe there should be categories with different rules! I really dont know. Lets see👍

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Agree with you (-:

Made my mind up

Everybody this was a mad idea of mine (this is common)

See you all in the air in your unrestricted VA’s 👍👍👍

You fly in a flight simulator, what is the problem with simulating a buisness. It provides “little boys” with learning oppurtunities in a safe space, before they get out into the real world.


@Trio. MaxSez: Thank you for the sage Politically Correct observation. However, one does not have to go with the flow and accept the “party” line.
Popularity is a two edge sward. Beware the leaders that sing from the same sheet of music. There’s a self centered ulterior motive lurking there someware.