More missions for commercial airliners

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The Boeing 747 already has (or had) a landing mission but there could be more potential for these. Here are some hypothetical missions:

  1. Fly a Cessna 208 freighter to a small city in Hawaii carrying supplies because the island is isolated because of a natural disaster
  2. Boeing 767 has lost an engine and you need to land at the nearest airport that can handle the jet (Which just happens to be 90 nm. away)
  3. Descend from cruising altitude, 39,000 ft., because your Boeing 757 has a medical emergency that must get to the hospital soon. You must descend at max 5,000 ft./min. so the sick person feel sicker. Timed mission.

That’s some starter ideas.

Long live the DC-9!

  1. You are the pilot of an A380 at the Paris Air Show, you need to follow some stunts that ATC is telling you to do.

Don’t forget the vertical takeoff

  1. You are on short final in a 737-700 for Runway 09R at London Heathrow. A Britsh Airways 777 aborts its takeoff, you would need to go around and make your landing on your second attempt

You declare emergency because your cargo full of snakes escaped you got to land the plane before they get in to your cockpit.😱😱 😱😱😱 Also you get to say this line "Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it enough with these moth***in’ snakes on this mothr***in’ plane! Everybody strap in! I’m gonna shoot some windows.


LOL better not do that at 33k feet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Long live the DC-9!

  1. Land a Boeing 747-8 with reverse thrust only (I’ve tried it-It works but you have to turn onto the taxiway)

Long live the DC-9!

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  1. A380 Qantas: Number 2 engine fails, and you have to return to Singapore’s Changi airport before you crash. (flight 32)
    2.737-800 American: Land on a runway with too much power and stop before you overrun. (flight 331)
    3.British Airways 747-400: fly out of the region without number 2 engine. (flight 268)

(@Boeing707). Please don’t forget GA! Dev’s pls add an operating parachute pack to the Cirrus, LOL. Thank you in advance. “Mad” Max Sends😈😈😈😈😈😈

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Good point. Let me dream up some.

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Long live the DC-9!

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Some GA challenges:

This would be better with a real crop-duster but…

  1. Take your Super Decathlon out to Oshkosh, and maintain an altitude of 20 ft. and a speed of 60 mph. (Whatever the specs for a crop duster are) for 1 minute
  2. Ferry fly a Cessna 172 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. When you do, come back and tell me how many days it took :grin: :grin:.
  3. Take your Cessna 208 skydiving. Take off from Whittman Regional and drop your payload.
  4. You operate a sightseeing airline. Take you Cessna 172 and give an aerial tour of scenic Honolulu and its surrounding islands.

Long live the DC-9!

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Long live the DC-9!

@Boeing707. Been there done that;
-KL-Sing… 172, 1hr 20 minutes non-stop @ 110k.
-SuperD ez’y, it will do 120k straight/ level if you milk it.
-A Caravan sightseeing, do it all the time around and over Oahu. Try MCAS Kaneohe via the mountain slot to Diamond Head or out of Wheeler to and around Pearl Harbor. Use the Playground for this one. Hono int don’t like no stinking transition.
-Parachutist, wish full thinking or you cut your teeth on game and not sym Apps.
Regards Partner, Mad Max Sends

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@maxmustang You’re a real life pilot you could certainly do all of the challenges I posed.

Maybe make these some qualification test for live. Separate the trolls from the aspiring/real pilots 😈.

Long live the DC-9!

@Boeing707. Let’s not get to far ahead. This is a great Sim, it emulates just a notch in the long road to a certification. Let’s not try to turn apples into oranges. I don’t believe the IF Business Plan invisions competition with the Pro Sims so introducing all the bells etc seems a real stretch. The XP/Hours peramitors now in use work. They just need to be tweaked. I’m sure the Dev’s are data gathering now, Live is young! Let it mature, time will validate the data collection which will lead to a decision point. My experience tell me that this decision belongs to Experts and those that have skin in the game. Let her Buck! Max Sends

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FARID…OH MY!!!..HAHAHAHAHAHA…what a disaster

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I missed this one earlier! LOL, watch any old Jody Foster movies lately. That one was not as bad as the Danzel Washington inverted save in that aviation stinker movie recently… I really like a little levity, it proves you got it goin.
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Any more ideas? This one is currently the winner

why does this have 2 likes, come on guys scenarios are at the best, i remember with x-plane you could “kill” any thing in your plane like flaps, individual wheels, engines,etc


Well I really wanna this

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