More map/nav tools

I think that IF’s current nav map could use some updating, I would like to share some ideas of mine that I believe could improve the system.

**Terrain information **

When planning a flight, some people prefer flying over flat land and some like flying around mountainous areas. Moreover if you are in foggy conditions you want to know where steep hills and steep terrain is in relation to you in order to deviate from them. I think that either contours like this:image could be opened in a sort of tab in the nav system.

Turbulence info

It can be unfortunate when you accidentally chart a flight that is entirely in turbulent areas and you have to have the seat belt sign on most of the way. In order to avoid this situation I think that on the map there should be a tab that when pressed shows up areas with turbulence perhaps the farther along the light spectrum the more severe the turbulence. The same could go for fog.

wind information

Many airlines plan flights to use wind to there advantage by using the wind (in short terms) to give the plane a boost. I think us IF pilots should have the same privilege in order the reduce fuel burn by using these currents on our trips and also plan flight routes to avoid strong head winds during cruise that consequently slow us down. Once again a tab could be used to portray the info perhaps by using arrows pointing in the wind direction, faster moving arrows means stronger winds etc.

Simple Aproach charts to busy airports

When you tap an airport on the map right now you can find info about controllers, weather and other info, however I think there should be diagrams for approaches there as well. Not only for realism but for busy events. When talking to an approach controller I think you should request an approach route that suits you. I’m not expecting something complex but something like on Etihad VA Abu Dhabi approaches:

. Pilots could say something like “AlphaBravoCharlie123, requesting south bound approach for Abu Dhabi” I know that bit was a little of topic but it’s an idea.

To sum up

IF has always been striving for realism and I think this is your next stop, people want to be able to plan ahead and take everything into consideration so to all developers I’m not expecting you to put this in right away but at least think it’s and idea or something. Thank for reading don’t forget to vote!

I think they really want to bring back the terrain map, but due to some bugs that it brought before global they removed it. I think an elevation map would also be really cool to see. Turbulence/wind information would be really helpful for long hauls to know where there is a good tailwind.


For the wind and turbulence info all you need to do is read the weather forecast using the windy app Simbrief gives you the information

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