More Log in Methods such as Wechat for "Fly Online" & "Air Traffic Control"

Ok “WeChat” is a messenger app. Infinite Flight does not use messenger programs such as “Facebook messenger” or “Google plus” they use social media (Facebook Not the messenger part) and email aka google. WeChat is a messenger not a email service and not a social media it is a chat app only so it wont really work with the login system.


James is correct. Yes, you can ask for more log in methods. But WeChat is a communications service, not a email. So for that reason you should also add Facebook Messenger, Instagram and several other social media alikes if you were going off it like that.

Feel free to PM me if you have any comments about my statement.


I was refering to this mainly. Didnt seem like the feature request was understood here. Anyway, if Wechat is sort of like Whatsapp, then obviously there are no passwords so I dont know how that’d work for logins. However, the Google equivalent in China ‘Baidu’ has email accounts I believe. Something can be worked out.

No, you are wrong. @James_Browne. Wechat is a combination of Facebook and Messager.
Wechat Is an social media app. In Wechat, there is a function called Moments, where you can share you stories, pictures, articles, and so on. Only your friends can see it, usually. Just like this:

(This is the chat function)
Consider logging in, you do need a password, and is very safe. You can register with your phone No., Facebook, email, and so on. For Log in, See the pictures below:

When you try to log in to a third party’s account, when infinite flight introduce Wechat into the game, it is usually something like this and you need the Mobile Wechat app to scan the code on your computer:

If you are logging into a third party’s account **(Just like IF)**through your mobile phone/ ipad, something like this pops up automatically:

If you don’t believe me, feel free to download it and try it out. Wechat is available in app store, Google Play, Mac App Store etc.

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That’s right. We do have Baidu accounts, pretty much the same as Google account. Please Read my explanation in my previous reply. Thanks.
Anyone who has advice or opinion on this feature please feel free to reply. Thank you:)

Let me put my two cents into this. Honestly, I do not see WeChat being implemented as a login provider anytime in the near future.

Both Google and Facebook use an email and a password for storing users, meaning creating a user account with a Google / Facebook Auth provider is, in essence, really similar to creating a user with an email - password system.

From the screenshots you sent above, it looks like WeChat authenticates through a phone number and an SMS code, the way most messaging platforms do (I know you mentioned it isn’t just a messaging platform, but in this regard it definitely acts as one). This would require changes to the login workflow, which was actually reworked quite recently (v. 18.5).

Furthermore, it is now possible to get an IF subscription without using Google / FB sign in:

If you are a new user to Infinite Flight Pro, signing up is now easier: just go into the multiplayer page and subscribe. No further action is required to enjoy the benefits right away. We do, however, recommend that you link your Facebook or Google account to make sure you can recover your stats from another platform or device, or in case you change your apple id. You can do this easily from the account screen.

- Jason, “Infinite Flight 18.5 Release”

What I do see as a more viable option though would be a GitHub login flow. It uses the same password - email login system as Google and FB and would therefore not necessitate big changes to the workflow. Also, it is not blocked in China (as far as I know) so it shod work there as well.

I’m happy to hear your thoughts on this and continue a further discussion with you.

– Jakub


Indeed, Github is not blocked in China, but I need to make sure after I go back to Beijing. It is a very good idea!
Are we using 18.5 version of IF now?
I am confused that when you try to log into Facebook, it also requires you to enter a password. If you are logging in to Google from a mobile device, it also requires a password and a SMS code. How is Wechat different from these two?
Actually, as you mentioned, SMS log in and Phone No.+ password log in are usually two different Wechat log in methods. When you choose one, the other one usually does NOT pop up. The only case when both of them pops up is when Wechat is trying to verify your identity. Just like when you log in through a new device to Google. They need to confirm your phone.
I mean Chinese users can buy IF from app store. While there are also Chinese android users having no access to Google Play. I heard Google is re-entering China opening at least the Google play service, but I don’t know when that will happen.
My point is: It is always good to have more log in methods to meet different needs.

Right now 18.6 is the most recent stable version.

As for the login, I stand corrected. Earlier you sent screenshots that only showed a phone number auth system, hence why I said what I said. I still feel like GH login would make more sense though…

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Is it easy to add github? Are the developers working on it now?

I do not know what the devs are working on. Reading through #announcements will give you the best idea what is being worked on.

What about supporting more payment methods? For China, maybe we add Wechat Pay or Alipay. For the US, we add PayPal pay or Venmo pay…:)

Those are separate requests. Feel free to make a #features request for them

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Anyone who has any idea, advice, confusion, or other comments regarding Wechat log in, please feel free to reply.:)

To Chinese User this must be a good idea. But Wechat is not so popular in foreign country as in China. So IF may spend a lot work on a new system for Wechat but they can not get enough return. Maybe one day Wechat has been worldwide popular enough,Infinite flight can think about adding it.

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I think the problem with Github is that Github is mainly for programmer, but I doubt many players on IF are programmers.

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Here’s the thing: if the devs are going to be looking into a new login system, I could imagine them looking for one that will be valuable compared to the effort they put in. As said by @Hainan_Airlines_1256, WeChat isn’t very popular outside of China, however, GitHub is available worldwide so it would be beneficial to many more. Furthermore, it is really easy to set up a GH account anywhere in the world, so those who do not have one can easily get it.

I get it. In the ideal world you wouldn’t want accounts to many different services, but unfortunately we do not like in an ideal world, and honestly I just don’t see a login system based on WeChat returning enough value compared to the effort put to introduce it.

— Jakub

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This is not something we are in control over. You will have to bring that up with the app stores :)

Regarding the request at hand. We are looking into implementing something different than what we have now, but there’s no timeframe set for that at this point. It will most likely not be adding additional social media auth, but something else. We’ll see what happens.

Just wanted to let you know that we are recognizing the issues Chinese users, amongst others are having difficulties with our current system. It’s not entirely impossible though. You can have an account in Infinite Flight without using Facebook or Google, but then it’s tied to your account in the app store and can only be used on a device signed into the store with the same account as the subscription was purchased with.


Since you guys have recognized the problems that Chinese users have. Is there anything you guys can do to improve the Fly online log in a little bit? Thanks. I definitely needs more Chinese pilots in the game. The ZBAA and ZSPD are the most popular ones in the real world, but least popular ones in IF due to the lack of the Chinese users hindered by logging in. One of the purpose of IF is to make our game more realistic, so adding more Chinese users will help accomplish this goal.

I am surprised that my topic gets almost 1k views!
I know it will not become reality soon, but it is still a great hope for the future. This feature will make my life a lot easier.

It’s confirmed for Apple Users that Sign In With Apple ID is coming most likely in the next update, as it is mandatory if they want to stay on the App Store. And Cameron confirmed it to me as well.