More Log in Methods such as Wechat for "Fly Online" & "Air Traffic Control"

Currently, we only support Facebook and Google log in. I think not all people use Facebook. Others use What’s App, Snapchat, and so on. In addition, I think we should provide more. In China, people cannot log in to Google and Facebook. They use Wechat, there are 1 billion users, and Wechat also support payment for IF’s Online Flight and Air Traffic Control. I think we can support more log in methods such as Wechat, Microsoft, and/or Email account log in. Anyways, only Google and Facebook is not enough. This feature will enable more people worldwide to join.
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It’s a good idea! Also I believe WeChat not only for China, you also can using WeChat at Other countries.

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Well, Google and Facebook are known world wide, each having billions of accounts each. If not, users can just use another email, like hotmail or yahoo.

That’s a good idea, but this would only be for new users since current subscription holders already have their subscription linked to a Google or Facebook account. And you’d think most people wanting to purchase a subscription would make a Google or Facebook account if they hadn’t already? It would be a constructive addition either way.

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Email Log in is not allowed. See this picture.

That is why more log in methods are required, I think.

WeChat has almost a billion users, nearly an eighth of the world’s population. I’d say that’s a pretty significant number of people for the devs to consider adding this method as a login option :)


On top of that, I bet there’s some people who can’t login with Facebook and Google, but with Wechat.

That is exactly what happened. That is the condition of 80% of Chinese population—only uses Wechat. That is why ZBAA, as the second busiest airports in the world, is almost always under no control in IF. @Ian_Farquharson

Tencent is owned by the Government of China. Even though a lot of people use WeChat, I think is would be safer to stick with other privately owned social media sites.

While steam do accept Wechat log in, and they earned a lot, I think.

I honestly think what we have now is fine, it’s not that hard to make a Google account! Maybe a login for just a normal email could be good.


Don’t think you understood the message the OP was trying to put across.
There are some parts of the world in which people are not allowed to access Google, and the OP gives China as an example.


That is what I mean! But, almost all Chinese have an email.
I mean email log in is fine. But ONLY Facebook and Google is not enough… the Chinese are not allowed to access both Facebook and Google. The Facebook equivalent is Wechat and the Google equivalent is Baidu. Only if you buy a VPN or go abroad, so that you can enter Google or Facebook.
Wechat is pretty safe. Very very few people had trouble using it, unless people say something that is very very politically sensitive or against the law.

I would certainly love WeChat as when I return to Chinese mainland Iam unable to fly because I can only log in though facebook or google which is blocked. You got my vote

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What is wechat? why not text or use facebook messenger lol or even skype

WeChat is amazing, better then any app I have seen but only used mainly in China as WhatsApp is blocked by the government.

WeChat has a lot of extra great features.

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Is discord blocked?

lt can make Chinese who use infinite flight more convenient and other foreigners in other countries who use Wechat. It is a creative idea but it has many problems at the same time . Infinite flight should make a complete system for Wechat.

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