More liveries

I am very disappointed that very few aircraft have Australian liveries can you please fix this because I am forced to use 737’s instead of the a332
To keep realism to the game can you please consider this
(Add Australian liveries to aircraft)

Hey There! To ask for more liveries, use that handy-dandy search tool and see if anyone requested it, then you can vote for it! If it doesn’t exist, don’t feel bad, just make a request in #features! But make sure your TL2!

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As @anon41771314 said above, you can use the search bar to look for livery requests. However, I can link you one you might enjoy

I had a look at that page it looks very interesting will have to read it later

But how do I vote on features

Click the shiny blue button found usually at the top that says “Vote”!

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You will have votes, these votes vary but trust level, but if you see up the top, next to the title of the post, you’ll see a little button that says Vote. Press that, and you’ve voted for it!


Unfortunately since you are TL1, you can’t post in #features yet. To become TL2 faster, contribute to the community by liking more post, give meaningful replies, and read more post.

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