More lights at the terminal when its night.

I would like more lights on Infinite flight on the terminal or lights that you can see better. If you dont understand what I mean is that when your parked on the terminal they should put light on the terminals to see better. Thanks.

And I think it’s under feature correct me if I’m wrong.

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Welcome back, we hooe you have a good time back with us👍

What I’m trying to say is in the terminal. I’ll put a picture.

those type of lights but an the terminal when your parked at the gate.

You should make the title more specific so that we know what you’re talking about.
Include the terminal light picture in the first post as an example.

Ok, sorry. I’ll do it on another post when I do it

It’s fine.
You can just edit it

Is that title good

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So you’re talking about these light poles at the gate and such?

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I suppose he means lights of light poles. Not poles but lights.

Yes those but without the poles because IF is not 3D. It’s so you can see better.