More languages in support category

As a French speaker, I’m really glad that can ask for support in French, in addition to English. But I was wondering if more languages could be added to the support category, in order to allow more people to get their questions answered.

The two main languages that I’ve been seeing (other than French/Spanish) have been German and Turkish, so if a support category would be added for them, it would be a great help to those speakers.


I believe this has been considered before, however, with google translate and other translation methods it isn’t that hard to translate to English to get the most help.
I would like to see what the mods think though.


Possibly would be a good Idea. I think that maybe we should have a moderator that is fluent in both English and French/Spanish as not many of the support topics in #support:espanol and #support:francais are attended to due to the lack of community members speaking such language.

There are a lot of languages in the world though which is why I feel only some mainstream languages should be included.


Can’t say I’ve seen the need for it to be honest. Sure, once in a while another language slips through. But not in the amounts that would call for additional categories yet :)


Makes sense. But having a mod that speaks either French or Spanish would be quite a big help to be honest, regardless if whether more languages are added or not.


Cam is fluent in Spanish. And a majority of the developers are french speaking… they’ve stepped in when needed.


I guess this can be closed then


Let’s keep it open for a while. It can be good in case there are other viewpoints about this that we’ve missed :)


On my channel, one of the most spoken languages are: English, German (which speak fluidly) and Indonesian. Could help some people. But there are some other things to do first…


There aren’t many topics really anyway. I joined the community 46 days ago and there haven’t been many since. Also, I answered to lots of them and sometimes the guy asking for support didn’t even look at my answer.

(This is for French)
For Spanish there are quite a few but still not many.


The main languages are Spanish and French, thats typically what you have available at school but Mandarin could be good I guess due to the shear amount of fluent speakers but personally I see no need in any more languages.


Having the top 5 most spoken languages might help the community. We have English. Spanish, etc. but, I think that adding Mandarin, Hindi, and Arabic would be most helpful.


This is a great point.
I really appreciate @schyllberg for keeping it open.
I often wonder how much poor flying is down to people who don’t speak french,German, English, not knowing the rules. And having no point of contact to help them.

Ironically we won’t know as they can’t undersatand this post.

We could be making a lot of reactions to xp changes when simple understanding in a certain language is needed.
It’s a global game/simulator and English is the global language of aviation but can we expect under 18’s to be fluent in aviation specific foreign language? Or any age? If it’s a globally accessed game we should help everyone be a part of it? The more the merrier I feel.
I know atc is changeable for language but I know I still have questions for atc and I speak English. It’s a learning process.
So maybe not just support but as much as possible can be multi lingual.
I know google translate is an option. But I have a Polish partner and that app has landed me in hot water with the mother in law more than once :)


Great summary, I agree

i know this is off topic but if someone can teach me French, Mandarin, or Japanese That would be great!

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From what I’ve seen, it’s common to see Chinese, Japanese, Brazilians, Portuguese, and Indonesians people here on the forum seeking help for their problems. Unfortunately, some of them decided to not report it on here as they are afraid of having bad English skills. At least that’s what my fellow friends said. But having more support category will be good imo

Or instead having individual #support categories for each languages, we can do a universal #support category where you can report a problem in any languages, and will be handled by members who are able to speak that language fluently. This category should be seperated from the current #support for English speakers


I’m personally on par with this idea. I think we should keep #support as is. The amount of topics in English alone would bury all the topics in other languages. Maybe we could merge #support:espanol and #support:francais together and open it up to all non-english languages.

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I think that it would make sense to have a Chinese and a Portuguese support category added onto IFC as that’s where most of the community came from.

Chinese - Most of Asia knows basic Chinese (correct me if I’m wrong)
English - Britain, USA, Australia, and most students world wide are thought English
French - France, Canada, Tought as a second language in most places
Spanish - Spain, Other countries surrounding, tought as a second language in most places
Portuguese - Portugal, South American countries and other places around the world

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I think that’s a very good idea, I have a German friend who is into aviation and I told about IF but he can’t understand it because it’s in English. I understand it’s the world wide Aviation language but if the people who make the software have a bit of time free they should look into it!

i think Chinese could be added