More Key Bindings and Axis for Joysticks/Yoke users

So currently in IF, there are very few (too lazy to count lol) key-binding and only 4 axis selectable for the small portion of dedicated users that use a joystick/yoke/keyboard whatever.

Missing Key-Binds

The Key-Binds Part

I’ve noticed that for some features can’t be toggled through a my-bind setting such as, but not limited to: Master Battery/Switch, Engine off/on, and seatbelts/no smoking, ETC. I would like them to add a key-bind to EVERY feature on IF.

Missing Axis

The Axis (Not About WWII)

So for a small portion of us have a physical throttle quadrant that we use. In real life for the flaps, you pull down on a lever to the proper setting, same thing goes for speedbrakes/spoilers.
Also for the landing gear, you pull down on the lever to the lowest position and the gear drops. But in IF, there are only 4 axis, roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle. I would like to see multiple axis that can be configured to the pilot’s liking.

I hope that’s not too much to ask and I hope you agree as well.

thanks for the clarification


Lol, no prob