More Issues With ATC Connection To Pilots

So today I’ve been having issues connecting with pilots while running a standard ATC session at KLAX on the TS.
I haven’t had this type of issue since we discovered that my VPN was interfering with my connection. As it has been since this issue, IF is ported around my VPN so that issue is solved. This is something new…

I’ve made a video that, per usual, is only viewable by clicking this link. There is more going on than I’m able to point out in the video but you can see it all in the background, planes flipping around erratically and what not.
I eventually lose contact with all aircraft but one and am forced to end my session for the better good of the pilots and other players.

(PS: Admins, I tried to tag this as ATC but get no options under the tags field. I was told these tags were new for support but I can’t seem to access them.)

Slight initial diagnosis.

I tried restarting my device. The last time I played I was connected to my home wifi. Without completely force stopping the app, I connected this time on my mobile data. I did a few minutes as Departure at KLAX with my camera and all in the same position. I didn’t have any issues during this time.

There appears to be some issue with connecting to the server from another connection source. Whenever I play on wifi I have to restart my phone before I can get a good connection on mobile data.

Hey Drew, sorry to hear you’re having these issues.

So if I’m understanding correctly, you need to restart when going from WiFi to Mobile Data? Who is your cellular provider?

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Yes. I’m with T-Mobile

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