More Issues for Boeing? The 787 Whistleblower

I certainly agree. The discipline of external checks and balances is necessary, and at multiple steps in the production process.

But I do keep coming back to the question of whether Airbus state funding helped drive the need for the Boeing McDonnell Dougles merger which reportedly forced a lot of internal culture conflict and change, and how much of this was done for the need to price competitively with Airbus.

In other words, has Boeing been harmed at all by Airbus having a subsidized lower cost basis.

On the other hand, I see the merger happened way back in 1997.

How relevant is any single, or even a few, recent news reported incidents such as whistleblowers, a door blowout, engine cowling coming off or any such other such reported event in terms of assessing a single manufacturer?

The following only goes up to 2017, but it shows the rough norm over time of accidents by severity of outcome for the air carrier industry. Note that there is always some expected statistical outcome leading to a rough ongoing yearly pattern.

One can maybe say, the world is complicated, and events occur from time to time. The idea is to minimize them. But how much does one data event stack up against the big picture?:

List of accidents and incidents involving airliners in the United States - Wikipedia

[Aviation: Data & Stats (]


why the 787 laughing?😭

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