More Issues for Boeing? The 787 Whistleblower

Similarly to what I said about Boeing’s CEO resigning, I surely hope that with new management comes major improvements to the company.

I don’t really hold a grudge against Boeing - I like a lot of their aircraft. It would be a shame to have another mark against their record with some of their long-haul aircraft, and I would certainly hate to see the company eventually get shut down or something.

As for this very topic, it’s very disappointing that a company with work as important as this would do things like this to save money, and yet risk the safety of future passengers. For Boeing, it really stinks that all of this is coming out just after the MAX has been rediscovered to have yet more issues with it, and I don’t think that the company will catch a break for a long time. For passengers and airlines that use Boeing aircraft, it sucks, because you lose trust in a company for not doing its one and only job thoroughly - to make a safe aircraft that can transport people safely from Point A to Point B. It is a really sad world we live in, where almost everything is about the money. People are too concerned about being wealthy, and not remotely concerned about how to go about doing so in a way that won’t put others at risk of injury, or worse.