More information on the bar

Hello community.

I saw that the 20.2 topic is closed until the next feature update.
But this comment about the feature made me curious:

So I found that:

More information is available in the bottom bar. It looks like there’s something to come.


I found this as well while I was watching it!

Also, does anyone know what the music is called in that video?


Yea same here I found that interesting

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ahh, 10 as opposed to 7! Nice catch Wesley :D


What I also noticed at 0:54 when he selects the aircraft C-FIUV, that livery is the Air Canada B77W in the New Livery! @Wesleyhenrich

This is C-FIUV


I guess only time will tell?

Maybe there is something bigger to come, I don’t know.
Anyway, I won’t be undecided as to what to remove from the bar in favor of other information I want to see.

This is probably a dev feature, they can do pretty much anything can’t they?

Or just the old livery :/ (maybe we can have the old and new livery if its fine)

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I don’t really know but considering what Jason said it raises questions

Well before, it was that livery