More information about aircraft

I’d love to see more information about aircraft you can select in the selection screen. For example: top speed, landing speed, taxi speed, etc…
Anybody agree? Add your little enhancements as a reply and I’ll add it here:

More photos here:


Brilliant idea; not too hard to implement just layout alterations. Would be nice to see the specs of the aircraft you have selected (Max thrust, speeds (Mach), max distance, weight blah blah blah.

Very good idea

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Taxi speeds are almost the same for all airliners.
You can find the top speeds easily in the web.
The takeoff/landing speeds depend on the weight. I have found the Vref and Vapp speeds for a specific weight (a typical landing weight) of each aircraft in the web and apply them in the App.

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Why do that when it’s just way more convenient when the information is right in front of you.

I think however that having them present in front of you would be nice.would allow the user to quickly identify specs and performance stats of the aircraft. Could prove useful.

You know what they say, great minds think alike ;)

😀 Sure do!

Uhm… Maybe you guys are right @Harry and @jooeball
Having the speeds would maybe decrease the number of horrific landings I often see in Live…


Hahaha!!! :P

Lauren, myself and another member are currently working on an idea to perhaps reduce this :-)


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Okay but it still defeats the purpose of my post. I want it IN the game, not somewhere else on the internet. I don’t want to know it because I already know it. I just want it for the sake of other people like @Laurens said

What about this joe?


However, landing and takeoff speeds would be good

Hahaha thanks man :-) something to do hehe

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Landing and takeoff speeds would be tricky, based on different weight ratios casing different rotate speeds :/

Maybe “default weight landing”(and takeoff/rotate) speed?

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Personally I am not a huge fan but it is still a good idea.

Some suggstions:

Change the “propulsion” to the engine make/model
Perhaps add in service ceiling too?

Good work 😀

On it

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Amazing! You’re very talented, even though it’s just text.