More info regarding virtual airlines in IF

Hello fellow IF aviators. I have a question about something called a virtual airline. Could anyone give me more info on what a virtual airline is, how it all works, and if it’s hard to join one? I know you need pro but I’m learning more about the world of Infinite Flight.

Safe flights and hope to hear back :)


A virtual airline or VA brings users a sense of more advanced flying for an airline. There are certain requirements to join a VA but it is very simple to join. I recommend looking at these:

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The IFVARB website also has some good information

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Also, click the 3 horizontal bars next to your pfp to open up categories and check out the VA category. Many have their threads and you can read about them there too.

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So do you get paid flying planes for the virtual airline? Or is it just for fun?🤔

You do not get paid

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It’s strictly for fun and being part of a group of users who share the same passions you do. You can be part of several as well.


Ah I see that’s what I figured thanks for the update.

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