More info about Dublin Airport

Hi everyone

This is the pictures of dublin airport runways
Old and New
(this might not look real as it was a plan and the picture was taken a few years ago)

Google earth satellite image:

Pictures from Google:

images (1)

Hope this will get the devs attention
Thanks for reading



We’re aware of Dublin’s new runway. We will update it when all requirements are met and enables us to do so. :)


From Dublin myself! New runway starts operating on Wednesday. Hopefully the satellite imagery hurry’s up :)


That’s fantastic to know the new runway will begin ops on Weds, signalling a new era for Dublin Airport.

Unlike Gatwick/Heathrow -in btwn where I live😂😂😂

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It sure will! 28L will be for arrivals, 28R for departures. Then 10R for departures and 10L for arrivals. Then in 2023 phase 3 will commence which will allow the runway to have parallel takeoffs and landings which will be fun.

Dublin is always packed when featured and using only 28L/10R is awkward 😂 so 28R/10L will help us a lot.


Exciting indeed!

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RWY 34/16 will no longer be in use? To be fair the layout with 28L/10R coupled with RWY 34/16 is what make Dublin airport unique. And now to have two runways in parallel is a bit like most modern airports nowadays.

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Double runway operations have been ceased permanently for 34/16 to be active alongside 28L/10R. 34/16 is labeled the “crosswind runway” and is only used when there’s a large crosswind which is rarely ever the case. I believe they change when there’s a 20-35 knot crosswind for 28L/10R I may be wrong

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I can imagine all the Ryanairs and Emeralds swarming that new runway. Can’t wait for new runway to open up.

Thank you that’s all I wanted to know thanks

FR1964 EI-HAW B38M to Eindhoven will apparently be the first to depart the new runway today. Will make for some interesting spotting pics as all departures from 28R will have to make a right hand turn 400ft AGL 👀 Cant wait to see this reflected in IF! ✈️


I saw that turn on Flightradar24, why do they have to turn like that?

To avoid conflict with traffic departing and arriving (go arounds especially) on 28L when parallel operations eventually come into effect

What exactly is needed to implement it and all of the systems into the game?

Satellite imagery to work off, and then a navigational update to register a new runway once its added in game. Basically, it can never be between updates, and we’re waiting for Google/Apple/Bing Maps to update the area so we can work off it

Are you an airport editor i’m assuming?

Yes I am! (;

Has there been any updates on satellite imagery or anything like that to add the new runway?


Unfortunately not… it’ll probably take months/years

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