More IFVARB Staffing Changes

With the highly anticipated Global update around the corner, the IFVARB is adjusting staffing to better serve the VA community as they escape the confines of borders and begin populating the world’s airports with flights mirroring their respective airline’s operations.

As you may have heard, @bluepanda900 and yours truly have joined the administration team to assist @JoshFly8, @DeerCrusher, and @IceBlue in their roles and better divide workloads. We are excited to join the administration team and look forward to engaging with virtual airlines old and new alike to help maintain and improve the VA community.

Staffing changes to fill vacant roles and to expand the IFVARB are as follows:

With the excitement of the global update around the corner, we believe these changes will allow us to serve the VA community better as Infinite Flight enters a stage of metamorphosis.

Once again, if any of you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to PM any one of our admins, our doors are always open.

All the best,
On behalf of the IFVARB Administrative Team.


Congratulations to @Levet for becoming a moderator! You deserve it;-)


Congratulations @Levet knew you would be suited for this role! You deserve it :)


I’ve been saying for weeks that Chris should be made a mod. That man is a true leader. I look forward to seeing where the forum goes with him proudly leading, alongside the rest of the team.


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