More IFVA Questions


I have several more questions about VAs and VOs, and it would be amazing if you could answer them.

What is the best way to plan flights around a certain schedule?

What is the maximum recommended amount of VAs I should join?

For you, what do you look for before you join a VA?

What qualifications are you recommended to have before starting a VA?


I recommend 4-5 at most.

Good staff team, lots of effort, decent fleet, etc.

Grade 3, decent level of maturity

I fly usually after school and land at night. For long haul’s, I take off at night and land 30 min before school start.

Really depends on the person and how much you fly. I recommend 4-6.

If the chat is active, and if many people are in it and enjoying it.

Hard-worker, Grade 3, Good leadership, willing to spend a lot of time, patience.


To add into what Thunderbolt and NuggetFornia said,

You definitely need some experience with VAs, whether through being a staff member or if you are just generally familiar with how they are run

Thanks for the answers! I will take everything that you have said into consideration.

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As in your own flights? Don’t overload yourself at the beginning, you’ll burn out fast.

I wouldn’t join more than 4.

Make sure you’re interested in flying where that VA goes. I would also take a look at how the staff carry themselves in their thread and on the forum in general. Organization and professionalism are important, especially among staff. This gives a VA a sense of being well-run.

Make sure to have a decent amount of IF experience, it’s likely your pilots will have questions. Have an idea for the staff team to want to run - it’s far easier to do the busywork with people you already know rather than new people. Starting a VA is way more work than I think most people realize so be ready to push through that. Also, know how to accept constructive criticism and build off of it.

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