More GSE Photos

Here is FedEx 258 Heavy being unloaded at KMIA after a long flight from LEMD


9:30 Flight time
Expert Server

Bonus Photo

I had to take this photo from replay so there’s no GSE


I am for sure loving the GSE in the game! It makes it so much more “fun”.


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Southwest 737-700ng boarding Sacramento-Phoenix

Hey mate, it is not loading, you need to wait until the picture has been completely uploaded and the percentage hits 100% before hitting send.

Are you talking to the comment above you or to me?

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Comment above, I hit reply but it isn’t showing above the comment like it normally does, apologies for the confusion!

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All good (10 characters)

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Nice photo. Gives me XPlane vibes from the flaring angle lol.

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Excellent photos. I am on my way to LEMD right now as we speak.I will be landing within an hour time.

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Thanks, have a good landing

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