More General Aviation/Prop Aircraft

Why more GA/prop aircraft?

So yes, you are right, many feature request are out there about wanting more GA aircraft. But my question is: what aircraft should that be?

We currently have the Cessna 172, 208, Cirrus SR22, Xcub, TBM 930 (we’re talking about (turbo)prop here). For me that’s not enough, we have a great variety of commercial airliners but such little choice in GA prop aircraft. Meanwhile the GA world IRL is so big with many and many types of aircraft.

So its time to add more prop aircraft to IF, but yes I hear you thinking “but what aircraft then?”. Below I created a poll of (turbo)prop aircraft I would like in IF myself, as I actually make this request post. The only thing you have to do is select the aircraft you want in IF, aircraft with the most votes becomes the feature requested aircraft of this post. I could have made an feature request of one aircraft, but than the choice of the viewers is only to vote instead of choosing between different options that they might like better.

The Poll.

What GA/prop aircraft should be added?
  • Diamond DA42NG Twin Star
  • Diamond DA50RG
  • Cessna 210L Turbo Centurion
  • Cessna 182 Skylane
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Beechcraft Bonanza G36
  • Pilatus PC12NGX
  • Piper PA-42 Cheyenne
  • Daher Kodiak

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I’ve added a wild variety of different aircraft I personally really like and really hope you like aswell. A combination of turbo prop and single piston and twin engine aircraft. Aircraft with the most votes becomes the feature request aircraft. Lets hope the devs see this post and make up their minds about whether to add a new GA/prop aircraft or not and which aircraft is highly requested by the community.

Have fun voting and have a great day!!

Hey, per #features category’s rule, you can only request one aircraft in a topic, Thanks.


Why not CJ-6?

oh oops, kinda overlooked that. Well the feature requested aircraft of this post is actually to be chosen by the viewer, only 1 aircraft will eventually make it through. I will take that in mind next time, thnx

Then vote for that on a different feature request, if there is none, you can make the CJ-06 feature request

You can always make a feature post yourself ;D these are my personal favourites, to be chosen by the community which one will become the requested aircraft