More General aviation aircrafts

As time passes and lots of commercial aircrafts are grounded would come to mind of our alternative ways to travel in air, i suggest that we should start having some more “General Aviation aircrafts” like some more "Multi enigne, single engine, Gulfstream, Honda jets, gliders, Sea planes, etc…

Let us know in the comments if this is a request that would bring our IF to the next level.


Hey Henry! There definitely are a lot of people who agree with you! Take a look through the #features and see which ones you agree with. Then drop a vote and show your support. This is mainly how aircraft are added to IF.

I’m linking a few below that might be to your liking:

Hope to see you show some support for these people’s requests!


I see. Ok thanks, should I delete my post or leave it?

You can leave your post. A mod will close it when they are available.

I can delete it

It’s ok! Everyone has these kinds of posts in the beginning, no need to delete.

got it I see your posts I still have to learn to use the IFC

Agreed! I too would love to see some more business jet, turboprop, piston type of aircraft. My personal favorite would be the King Air 350i or a Falcon 8X 😍.