More General Aviation Aircraft

I think Infinite Flight should add more GA planes because there isn’t a big selection of aircraft. I think they should add aircraft like the King Air 350, or some business jets such as the Cessna Citation CJ4, Embraer Phenom 300. Even some aircraft like the Piper Cherokee. What do you think of this idea?

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Hi there!
You have some nice suggestions but unfortunately this belongs in the #features category. To post in that category you must be TL2 and up.

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Hey mate!

As said above, unfortunately, due to you trust level, creating a #feature request isn’t possible. Lucky for you, a few of these aircraft have current feature requests. Be sure to check them out below!

King Air 350:

Phenom 300:

Piper PA-28 Cherokee:

Piper PA-32 Cherokee:

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Thanks mate

As above! We’d also LOVE to see more GA aircraft. A DA would just be mwah.