More Freighters

I was flying for FedEx Virtual Airlines when I realized that we don’t have a lot of freight aircraft and the ones that we have aren’t up to the current standards. Most of them but not all were updated for the last time between 2013 and 2014.

In that train of thought, it would be fun if we could have more choices and those choices be up to date.

Well go ahead and vote on a few of these…


It’s only allowed for one request per topic. So if you have a specific one in mind than you can request or vote on that.

I suggest that you make your feature request as specific as possible.
‘More freighters’ is giant - very broad.

I suggest you find existing cargo plane feature requests and vote for those.
Or, create a feature request for a specific aircraft and/or livery; one that doesn’t exist yet.

For more information, please read here before posting any other features topic. I hope you understand. 👍

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You should be more specific when doing a feature request, just saying we need more is not a feature request, do like @Joseph007 said and vote for freighters there :)

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Please request individual aircraft and/or vote for existing requests.