More free regions

There is a fair amount of free regions but I would like more. a few of the ones I would want a New York -Boston region,Paris- London region, Caribbean region, Arabian region, African region, Hong Kong- Taiwan region, Japan - Korea region,Miami-Tampa region, Beijing – Shanghai region, And finally a Portland - Seattle region I would also like them to add Frankfurt to the Amsterdam region
Please vote if you want to see these regions in comment which one is your favorite

“Part of the pro subscription is global scenery. You’re paying for Infinite Flight to stream their scenery onto your device. My guess is it would cost extra to offer diverse regions. Infinite Flight is very cheap if you think about everything that it is offering. We’ve got a multitude of aircraft and liveries, global scenery, live servers, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cheaper once before but they’ve improved the simulator so much. They need to charge extra to give us the features that we all know and love.” - @lucaviness

See below for a detailed description of other simulators and why they may be cheaper:

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We used to be able to purchase some regions pre global as many Elders of the game can tell you but unfortunately I don’t see Infinite Flight adding them for free however you still May be able to revive Paid ones which is the closest you’ll get.

Also Infinite Flight did join the KLAX-KSFO Area which was a huge expansion


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As above. Thanks everyone!