More Free Aircraft

Yeah but I mentioned commercial, not general sector.

That’s why the formatting

Well, we just have the regions to fly at, so idk

ThEn GiVe iDeAs OtHeR tHaN pRo

Simple: Charge $15 per minute flown.

The devs would be rich in hours!



The little money I have: Adiós

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What ideas do you have other than pro then?

The ad system?

Non pro has 5 of the 12 series of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, along with the CRJ. Personally I’d say this is fair without a subscription.

nOn PrO 🙃

Ew. Many more would leave and lose money than gain a small amount from advertisement. It would also massively ruin the gameplay.


The point of having pro with all of the aircraft is to make you want to get pro. If they start giving alternatives to pro, then less people will end up getting the pro subscription, which equals less revenue for the developers.

Never going to happen.
Ads are one of the most annoying things in the world.


Yeah you’re just forgetting the fact that THERE’S 1 VARIANT PER SERIES!

Then, don’t add global nor multiplayer

ikr 🤣, that’s just a (stupid) suggestion

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One of my favorite things about this app compared to other mobile apps 👍

Also, about more aircraft. If there were more aircraft, there might be a drop in interest for getting the “pro” version, and you already have a pretty good selection avaliable for free, so I’m not so sure about this


Well, you could also add a disable option. ADS WOULD BE JUST FOR PLAYERS WITHOUT PRO TO BUY AIRCRAFT WITH A HYPOTHETICAL COIN BY AD SYSTEM. Hope this clarifies a bit what you’ve messed up I think.

Here’s the thing.

Development can’t happen without money coming in.
Satellite imagery can’t be purchased, streamed or maintained unless there’s money coming in.
Whatever you can think of, can’t happen without money coming in.

Compare us to pretty much any other app in the same segment and with the level of quality, we have more included content than any i believe. 15-16 included aircraft, 7 regions with real life satellite imagery that gets updated in the same way it would for PRO subscriber etc.

Ads = time spent on something you really don’t care about and generally just leaves you with a bad taste. And you know what they say - “Time is money” ;)


Hey it’s 10 vs 1! Unfair!

Ok then, so at least somewhat prioritize free aircraft for rework? 😢

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I mean it takes money for IF to operate a lot of things.

OK here is what they should possibly bring back.

Back in the day you could pay for individual planes which when you bought pro it would kinda be worthless but those people who dont want to pay for the global ect.

They could also do this for scenery. If you buy all the planes it would be more than a pro sub.


Yes they should I remember those days.


Yeah I bought the 777W and 737-800

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I feel there’s no point in that, considering one aircraft was about around 5 or 6 USD, while the Pro subscription is 10 USD for a month

Think about it, spend $6 for a single plane that you can only fly around in a confined space, or spend $10 to have no flight space restriction, global satellite imagery, multiplayer, and all the planes.

I feel Pro is quite the bargain, all that stuff for a monthly subscription of $10.


It would be more comparable than that I believe. As Seb said:

Even if they dont include more planes and they just had more scenery that you could pay for.

Also @SimpleWaffles it makes since because if you only pay for the plane 1 time you will not be paying monthly for them. So this cant be compared to the Pro Sub.

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