More Fog

Is it just me or has there been a lot more fog since the latest update?

I’ve seen others mentioning this and have seen it firsthand at airports such as Vancouver.


Fog is based on Real world weather so I don’t think so unless the real location has low vis.


Let my clarify this now: When I say fog, I mean patches of low visibility that are visible from outside of the low visibility zone.

The weather has been bad with storms and all that in Canada so I wouldn’t expect anything less. What you get on IF is the same as real world conditions.


I was using Canada as an example, overall it’s increased a lot

Okay but realise that without giving examples it’s not going to help draw the line between an issue or no issue. From the looks of things it appears to be accurate with real world conditions


When did I say it was an issue?

visibility can be based on many factors. Rain, snow, fog, and smog are common. Depending on your region you can have them. In the US when there is a rainstorm in occurring at the airport you can expect there to be heavily decreased visibility, same with snowfall in the winter. Smog and fog can vary based on the thickness. If the temperature and dewpoint are identical or near to each other you can expect fog, smog comes from pollution, which is heavily prevalent in the regions of India and China

You act like I don’t know this…

I’m saying there’s an increase in visible fog layers, something that usually was not visible unless you were inside it, after the recent update.

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