More Flight In and Out Of Smaller Airports

Just a message to all Infinite Flight pilots and controllers, we need to be active at smaller airports just as much as we are at big airports like JFK and LAX. That will reduce the workload on those controllers as traffic will be more spread out across the globe. Airports like KRIC, KTXK, KCAE, and many others across the world are abandoned. Controllers should also take control of some of those airports as pilots are drawn to airports with active air traffic control. Just something to think about.


Hmmm weird… before people were worried about traffic being too spread out🤨😉

The problem is that people like seeing traffic. If you open a small airport, you’ll quickly get bored with only a few aircrafts in an hour…

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Tyler already emphasizes that a lot in the weekly expert ATC threads.

Large airports will always be a favorite for many because of the wide variety of routes they can do. Also, a lot of people fly larger jets like the 777 or A380 so larger airports are better suited for them.


Add your airport under this list and hopefully people will notice, some people are only flying to these airports now

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I feel like Infinite Flight is more like a free roam and free to choose game, if someone wants to fly there, they can fly there. But I do however agree that people do need to visit smaller airports instead of hubs. I am normally active in (KSMF, KLAS). I will definitely agree with your claim.


That’s true but who knows if a person would really get bored.

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I mean, just because there’s no aircrafts, doesnt mean theres no one there. Thats why have fun and choose the airport you respectively desire.

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True that. :))) we must utilise our smaller airports. :)

we should also go outside of the US more

I suspect we are using only a small percentage of the airports that were so carefully created by the airport team. What a shame! Pilots just have a desire to fly to the obvious airports because (1) the chance is high there will be an ATC or (2) there will be other aircrafts. Even in Expert, if we open the less obvious regions, we see that KJFK and EGLL (for example) have lots of inbounds. Pilots just like to go there.

So I subscribe to your call-out here, but I do not know how to change the general attitude of pilots. Remember that many pilots will never visit this community, let alone read your post. But you’ve my vote!


I agree with you. There are a lot of commercial airports that are underserved like KSJC and KLGA. That is why I created a thread for you to suggest any underserved routes that involve underserved airports. You can go there and suggest a route for me to fly and maybe even join me when I fly. The list of underserved routes will remain even after the flight is completed. The list could soon become underserved routes suggestions for anyone to try out. Go ahead and check that thread! :)

True but once the CRJ update comes out then people can do those routes out of the regional airports because those are places you find those smaller jets.

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Very good point! Hopefully they new crj is gonna influence people to fly more regional routes.

I’m dedicating an entire week to regional routes when the CRJ update comes out. 🙂

I’m starting to live Tucson, Austin and Boise.

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i am also surprised at the minimal use of kdfw kord and kden
but an airport that would be nice to focus on is ksdf bc it is ups’s worldport superhub and the passenger section in real live get a 738 at the largest but the airport can and does handle 747-8s via ups so it can be used as a large plane airport but no one goes there

Also I’m running my new VA through the IFVARB but you guys can still feel free to join now to get those higher ranking spots. It’s based in KSTL and flies around North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The link is below…

I 100% agree, when I control at LAX or LHR, it is always really chaotic will all of the requests.

I’m currently co trolling at KCAE and I would love for someone to fly there

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