More "experts" on Expert Server

Alright, I have a MASSIVE issue right now. So whoever this person is decided to

  1. Take off from the wrong end of the runway
  2. Cause me to do a full go around.

It’s ridiculous considering we’re on the EXPERT server where people are supposed to follow the rules. If I could at least get some help as to who this is, it’ll be much appreciated.

Happy Flights:)


Well there really isn’t much you can do there in that situation. Pilots always seem to troll when there isn’t IFATC around. However, if you do see a troll on the expert server for example the pilot taxiing through others, or the grass, make sure to screenshot it and report it to a moderator :)


So I can’t really do much about this. Can they not at least warn him about it?

Does the report button even work lmao


No it does not. I think only mods and staff have that ability as a pilot.


So why do we have the report button to use?

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The report button is for when 3 pilots report a player they will be ghosted, correct me if i am wrong

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Used to be that way… However that feature has since been taken out, due to people abusing the feature and unrightfully reporting people.


Ooh Ok Thanks for calrifying

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The “colors” at the end of each runway are the recommendations of which RWY to take off but not required. However it eventually comes down to the pilot to make the best decision for him and his aircraft on which RWY he should take off at. If he felt he needed to take off from that RWY that is his choice however if you were on final yes he should have waited. At the end of the day you commencing a go around due to his actions was the best course of action given the circumstances, even when IFATC is not around we should all practice safe flying and be respectful to all pilots.


I think it’s just there for the sake of being there in a way. Even though it’s didabled, I assume it would be easy for it to be reactivated, so if for example, in a future update they wanted it reimplemented they can do so.

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Very disheartening I must say. Happened yesterday during FNF at KPHL. we all lined up, waiting for clearance for take off. Then along came this grade 3 who went along to taxi though about four aircrafts, right under the nose of ATC and was cleared for take off. I still maintain that the first step to make expert server “expert” is kick out these grade 3’s.

Grade is not an accurate reflection of skill level or maturity.


I agree… today was very disappointing… 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ We need to keep the realism on the expert server … it’s hard but pilots… come on man… have pilot etiquette on the expert server!

2 & 3 pilots on the same runway at the same time…👇🏼

Cutting in line…👇🏼

Way too many pilots taxiing with the strobes on…👇🏼


`It’s not an issue having the strobes and landing lights during taxi but it does bring down the realism for us. Unfortunately they ain’t much we can do than a mod or someone does a ping announcement to explain to everyone when to use them and how

Here’s one member explaining but needs more popularity How to use the "strobe lights" correctly!:


Agree this frustrating, however with the landings/violations requirements it is much better than it used to be!

Did you announce on UNICOM your pattern details?

It is a shame that the report button has been disabled. Be good if it came back in a modified form, so that could only be activated by some one who is also a regular on IFC, a report counts as a violation and shows up on log books. When reporting the pilot has to select a reason (not following traffic flow, cutting line for runway, flying too close to other aircraft)


You could try reporting him to Tyler


Nothing can be done about it. Just let it slide, mods can’t deal with people who have left the session even with photos.

The joys of people that use this as a simulator having to share servers with those that use it as a game…
Ah well. Anyway, with regards to the specific situation above (although this applied to similar situations also) the pilot was simply using the wrong end of the runway. It’s not difficult. If you are already landing in a certain direction, you have effectively set up a ‘circuit’ with a set direction - even if the circuit is against the wind. Other aircraft should thus adhere to the circuit direction you are already using to avoid confusion and collision.

For example, if I have set up a right hand circuit on runway 27 with the wind coming from 270°, even though this is unprofessional and not recommended, all other aircraft joining the pattern should follow that pattern.

That is real world procedure, but as I said those of us that use this as a simulator unfortunately have to share with those that use it as a game.


I feel that it should be harder to each Grade 3. I find it very easy to reach Grdae 3. I believe we would see more ‘Experts’ on the Expert Server if it’s harder to reach Grade 3.