More Expert Server ATC

Earlier today I encountered a bad problem. When I was landing after a 2 and a half hour flight from Brisbane to Melbourne, an ATC change was happening. And that usually means there is chaos. A stupid American a321 with a username Luke Foster decided to cut right in front of me when I was landing. I didn’t really care about that, but when I was taxiing to my gate, he/she was stopped at the runway hold short line to exit. I was going around 30knts trying to pass him, and he cut in front of me and stopped on purpose. I tried going around him and he went through me like I wasn’t here. A few seconds after he disappeared but I’m not sure if he left or got reported since the ATC wasn’t responding. I hope it was the second one because people like this person ruins the realism of the game. Back to the ATC, if they had more on the spot ready to control it wouldn’t be much of a problem but I think you should add more ATC during weekdays and especially weekends for that kind of stuff and more. If you have any ideas of how to handle a situation like that, let me know. Also it’s my spring break and I’m definitely not trying to get ghosted myself for something that wasn’t my fault. Thanks for reading


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