More events asia please

Just a thought because I go to the events forum and all the event take place at times suitable for either europe or american, what about asia welp :(

Like most events are around 1900Z and for asia generally is in the middle of the night lol…

I understand that most events are organized by fellow players and not the developers but people from asia take a stand let’s get some events going on here!


Timing can always be difficult, often Flash Flights or other events developed by Staff aren’t the best for people in the Asian time zone. This is because there really aren’t any staff in that Asian time zone. It just makes it a bit difficult. There are a bunch of community events which are better for the time zone in #live:events. I’d check them out!

Also, if you start to engage more on the forum, you’ll get to TL2 and can host your own events! There must be loads of other Asian users who are already creating events though, surely? I see plenty of events that are early in the morning for me in the UK, so evening in Asia. Obviously, official events are by people like Misha in the UK, and the other devs in the US, so not great for Asia and Oceania.

yeah idk how far I am from that but hopefully one day I can! yeah there are a few events in the evening and in the morning but its either too early or too late, morning I won’t even be awake yet unless I wake up earlier and evening I need to sleep lol and it doesn’t help that most events are long haul, tbh I prefer short haul anything around an hour, and pretty much all the events that fall somewhere around suitable time doesn’t suit my preferred event/flights

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As a fellow Asian living in the GMT+8 timezone… I agree with you but like already mentioned above, the majority here is in the European and American timezone, so obviously events would be more suited towards those timezones, unfortunately…

Coming soon ;)





I’ve actually seen a decent amount of Asian events and group flights. Often, we have 2-3 featured regions on the ATC schedule per week as well.

Pretty sure he’s asking for events suited to those in the Asian time zones rather than events which take place in Asia itself.

Ahhhh, my bad. I misread. I wouldn’t have much to say on this, since I’m from the US, but again, the featured ATC regions should be moderatly busy the entire day/night.

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