More Diverse Pilot Voices

Hello Everyone! Hope your doing well.

Now this request is for more Pilot voices of different cultures such as Latino, African, Asian, Indian, African-American. These voices/accents are needed in the game (the voices on the live tab section). This will help different people stand-out in the game so we can all appreciate all the different cultures who play the game. Now to be honest, all the voices in the game are really just white. There might be different tones or accents, but they are all basically white. Now i’m not trying to say anything bad about the developers, but I think more pilot voices of different cultures is essential to the growth and expansion of the game. I really hope that the developers can consider adding this.

Pilot voices are based on your devices Text to speech settings.

And there are some accents available in the live settings tab in infinite flight including Indian.


Wait, so how do you access the other accents? Could you please explain? Thx.

Head to Settings —> General —> Accessibility —> Speech —> Voices. I use the Australian voice.


Please note that this is for iOS not Android as I don’t have one.

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Tbh i think this would make it a little bit more realistic (for instance if you are flying for an airline that is from Asia, Africa, or maybe even some european) that they add an accent, but I don’t think the robots can do that though

Wow I actually didn’t know that was possible. Thanks!

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