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Today I was bored on the couch watching movies and I thought what difficult approaches I could do in IF, if you can recommend one to me to have a good time.

Thanks !!

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Tom’s post has some good recommendations:


Bolzano Dolomiti (LIPB)… Instrument approach to the LOC/DME Rwy 01, then break off to the visual manoeuvre for Rwy 19.

The winds seem to mostly favour 19 recently… You probably should try to grab the charts especially for the visual part, it helps a lot with the heights and turning points… (although just following the mountains around the circuit works ok in good vis). I’ve been practising it in the Dash 8, which is pushing things a bit!

For a fun trip I’d depart from Lugano and head up to Bolzano…

And for another one then just come back to Lugano, which has the same runways… The ILS into 01 is brilliant (steep approach, you get to use flaps 35 on the Dash 8)


Hilo (PHTO) Runway 08 Visual Approach:

For this approach, you need to make a rather sharp turn, following the bay and lining up with the runway fast. You need to watch your speed and altitude.


Quite a few:

MHTG runway 02
LFKC circling approach for runway 36
Any at Paro (VQPR)
CYLW RNP 34 (procedure not in IF)
PAJN RNAV 26 (procedure not in IF)
Any at Queenstown (NZQN)

These are the ones I currently have in my head


Aspen in Colorado is fun

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The approach was incredible, take off from runway 19, I took a few photos through the incredible mountains and a few minutes later I landed again on runway 19 and finished my flight.

Thanks for the approach !!



I’m going to try it in a few minutes I’ll tell how everything was.


I’m going to try paro it looks like fun.

In that place I will fly the A-10 and start doing a few crazy things and later an approach between giant rocks!


Aspen is a lot of fun on instrument approach.

A few others I find fun:

ROYN small island airport, short runway, means you have to be precise when trying to land a jetliner here.

RJSD very little room for mistakes, trivial on a turboprop but a bit more challenging on a 737.

RJCW can be trivial on a good day but the winds here are often unpredictable. I do a lot of bad weather C172 practice here.

This is how you depart

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The approach was incredible and with some beautiful views, in the end there was a bit of a crossover but there was butter.


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This was undoubtedly the most difficult of all, there was a fairly low visibility and crosswind but another butter.

Thank you all tomorrow morning I will continue and hopefully I will try 21.1!

The LGA Expressway Visual is fun. Just wish you could see it better. I’d check out LOWZ. Bring a GA aircraft and have some fun! Stunning approach with a super short runway. Good luck!



The airport location itself can cause trouble by the height, it takes you a lot of runway to takeoff and the approach on rw 05R is difficult, it has a really short approach and if you don’t calculate right your speed and the left turn you can crash into the mountains or the city itself, at least for me sometimes is a challenge.

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With the new procedures it has become easier to fly than it was before so I wouldn’t consider it as a hard approach… or maybe it’s just cause I fly it at least once a week 😂

LWSK procedure turn ILS 34 is pretty cool!

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