More Detail Upon Touchdown

I was just requesting more detail when the aircraft actually touches down on the runway.
I’ve noticed that apart from maybe a small bounce and sound of wheels moving there isn’t much else, which is fine but i believe more sound effects would increase realism,
Some sounds/effects could be;

  • Small to heavy camera shake depending on the landing
  • Maybe some Electronic noises for the spoilers deploying
  • Clicks for engaging/disabling wheel brakes/auto brake e.t.c

Thanks for reading!

I quite like this idea! Wish I can spare a vote.


The idea of ​​the camera moving and electronic noises makes, you win my vote! I hope these additions will be present soon and work. Thanks for your idea.Voted.


goog idea this would be very good


The vibrating camera is actually already a feature in In-Flight Assistant but I would love to see this in the actual sim along with the other things you mentioned

If you’re interested in the haptic feedback aspect of this request, I highly recommend you vote for this:

Would love to see this along with the touchdown VS indicator.



Simple, but useful.


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Love this idea! I wish we could have like a little pop-up window that shows upon touchdown the VS And the rating of your landing.

Good request. I’ll definitely vote for this after the 77W update comes. Too many votes are used for the livery requests😂

Got my vote

Bumping this because Project Metal may or may not help bring this to life? Infinite Flight uses sound packs so not sure but I’d love to hear the sound of passengers screaming because my landing was good terrible, ryanair , broke everybody back 😭