More Detail Upon Touchdown

I was just requesting more detail when the aircraft actually touches down on the runway.
I’ve noticed that apart from maybe a small bounce and sound of wheels moving there isn’t much else, which is fine but i believe more sound effects would increase realism,
Some sounds/effects could be;

  • Small to heavy camera shake depending on the landing
  • Maybe some Electronic noises for the spoilers deploying
  • Clicks for engaging/disabling wheel brakes/auto brake e.t.c

Thanks for reading!

I quite like this idea! Wish I can spare a vote.


The idea of ​​the camera moving and electronic noises makes, you win my vote! I hope these additions will be present soon and work. Thanks for your idea.Voted.


goog idea this would be very good


The vibrating camera is actually already a feature in In-Flight Assistant but I would love to see this in the actual sim along with the other things you mentioned

If you’re interested in the haptic feedback aspect of this request, I highly recommend you vote for this:

Would love to see this along with the touchdown VS indicator.



Simple, but useful.


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Love this idea! I wish we could have like a little pop-up window that shows upon touchdown the VS And the rating of your landing.