More Customizable Sensitivity Settings

Hello everyone,

I have noticed several things when it comes to sensitivity that can be greatly improved on.

One, the current sensitivity customization is very, very limited for the basic user. You only have the 3 sensitivity choices in settings, and those change everything instead of individual parts. As well as being quite drastic changes from the last.

And two, the only other option is the joystick sensitivity, which actually works quite well. The only problem is, if you don’t have a joystick, the settings get reset each time you close the app. The fact that you can fine tune each movement sensitivity is fantastic if you have a joystick, but practically useless if you don’t. And in my opinion, a missed opportunity.

If we had a settings interface like this that was meant for handheld use, or at least the current 3 option sensitivity was changed to a percent bar from 1-100, I think it would greatly improve a lot of people’s performance as well as the over all game experience.

Please correct me if my information is wrong. If the settings for the joystick do indeed stay after an app restart, please let me know and/or move this to support.


Like the idea. I don’t use a joystick though, so it really isn’t an issue for most people.


What where can you get a joystick for a iPad

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You need to use LiveFlight Connect to link it to your device via computer.

Ask @Cameron for more information, as he made it.

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