More controls 😎

What would a simulator be without engine startup and shutdown switches?

I think everyone has come to the conclusion that infinite flight is by far the most advanced and realistic flight simulator platform on mobile. And although it may not quite be FSX, it has severely pushed the boundaries of mobile simulation. The reason for this is a dedicated team of 3 DEVELOPERS. 3! And a load of keen enthusiasts and a brilliant community. What angers me the most are the immature people saying ‘Make it free! Make evertging free!’ And my personal favourite ‘This simulator sucks, why can’t it be like FSX with buildings, people, cars clouds…’ Not realising the size of a mobile device’s processor.

But one thing that I can easily say would make this simulator 100,000x funnier and more captivating, are engine start up and initiate controls, engine circuit breakers and fuel pumps. I understand this will take time and dedication to perfect but it would make the simulator fantastic in every way. What a way to end a perfect landing at KLAX with nothing more than a gentle engine shutdown and bleed.

Just an idea, sorry for the rant!

What do you guys and girls think!? V


My wish is radio stack. Tune in to VOR/NDB in dark sky not looking at the map listening to morse code and counting down DME, outer/middle marker lighting up and seeing the runway lights coming towards you on foggy day 600ft up. you can’t beat that. Watch full CATIII on foggy day landing video, you’ll know what I’m talking about

Navigating dark sky looking for runway before you gonna hit DH, that’s thrill


@divebuddha, 😝😝😝 Most of the people here don’t know how long cold starts takes b4 you can call ramp. People here just want cut-off switch and sound. That’s not hard to implement its just switch and sound file. More like 10mb then 25GB 😁😁😁


I’d be worried about my flying hours clocking too high, couldn’t get enough of it :)

I did inface email David recently about adding an advanced simulator option for players with a standing of 90% and at least 20,000XP. The option would include FMC, FMS, FUEL PUMPS, BREAKERS, ENGINE INITIATORS, WORKING SPEDOMETERS AND ALTITUDE INDICATORS
That sort of thing!

But then again, simple is good, only issue is simple can sometimes become too simple

What do you think?

The question of engine start/stop comes up almost every week now :smile:

We actually already have a system to deal with engine start/stop and the various aircraft system that would be affected (down to electrical systems). The problem is with everything that would be affected by this: we need proper sounds for start/stop (@GatwickGuy it is actually much more complicated that what you might think), proper animations (there are things you shouldn’t be able to do when engine is off), etc …

It is on our wish list, up there with the 1000 other stuff we want to add/improve :smile:


Cold start, FMC you looking at 30min before you can taxi😀😀😀 30min ago guy jumped Q at TNCM. Not everyone got patience. I like instruments flying/landing, I like glass cockpit but I don’t like gps map. I like old skool navigation VOR/ADF and calculating ToD, RoD, Bearing and Redial😀 I’m $**t at maths. But I like it,

PS: Sorry guys today I’m trolling more then usual. Hope you understood what I meant. it’s not easy to pls everyone.

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Well all in good time.Phillipe on another note, I recently contacted John about becoming an ATC on the advanced server, he said to private message him and he’d send me the forms. Any way you could possibly do that?


@philippe Trail run with Cessna and Cirrus would be great, 😁😁before moving to A380.

@divebuddha, What is the sim that you are using online if I may ask? and how much did it run you?