More controls in airplane like C172

hi all,

I’ve always thought it would be nice for developers to add additional functions or controls - for jets, this could be packs, fuel tanks, or many other options… functions which would be near universal to all planes. this is already the case in the C172, which has a bunch of ‘extra’ functions that bring in added realism…

could that not be envisaged?

Could you maybe put this in the “features” category?
But I support this

And that was already proposed I believe

Maybe it’s bcs that the C172 is a smaller plane, Bigger jets may take way too long and + the devices cannot handle that extreme realism
But withX-Plane, They use more powerful devices to bring tap controls

well, obviously not a développer, but maybe even include some dummy functions, in that case?

Wdym by Dummy Functions, what is even is that?

it would be nice to have the views of the developers or someone more closely associated with IF to explore whether it would be feasible or not

Many of the “extra” features that the C172, are automated in most larger commercial jets.
But you’re more than welcome to utilize the #features category with a detailed and specific request :)

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