More control of the Audio

The new update absolutely astonishing. As the Boeing 777 came with new engines sounds, I increased my SFX volume. I also increased my iPad volume so i could hear the start up of the engines via inside the cockpit. What i forgotten was outside would increase too and when i switched my camera view to the right wing the engine sound almost blew my ear drum…

So i was wondering if we could have a separate control over volume inside the aircraft and volume outside the aircraft.

Current audio control of IF :

SFX Volume
ATC Volume

Eg of my request ;

SFX volume
- Interior Volume
- Exterior Volume
ATC Volume

Thank you all for a quick read. What do y’all think? Should this be implemented?

thats a nice request!

The audio for the wing view ought to be the same as the cockpit or at least in similar decibel levels. Currently, there is a huge difference in the audio levels between the wing and cockpit. This leads to a very excruciatingly loud transition from cockpit to wing view that makes my eardrums throb in pain.


Great topic, but i’m out of votes tho.

I would also add " - Warnings volume". This way we can mute the engine sounds to save abit of battery but still letting the important stuff alert us such as overspeed warnings, stall warnings, etc.


I think this is great! It’s a really good idea! I’m out of votes though otherwise I would’ve totally voted! I hope this does get added!


This is a very great idea! This should be added to Infinite Flight. I can’t vote due to the limit but I still agree with this concept!

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