More complicated ground ATC

Infinite Flight should have more sophisticated ground ATC such as taxiways and gates, and maybe even 3D buildings so we are aware of where we are when taxiing

Nah… Only designations for the taxiways are needed if you want to know where to taxi.


You should consider moving this to the ‘features’ section. The 3D buildings is a frequent request and the dev are well aware.

Just Sayin; I keep getting lost on the taxiways when I startup at a never visited drome. For me the addition of Overhead Runway Numbering, Taxiway Blue Lights and Signage are Critical.

Don’t we already have overhead runway numbering?

Yep. We sure do.

What’s so hard about looking outside the aircraft before taxi?

Definitely doable, Brandon. Where it would come in VERY handy is right now in New York. I’m controlling Ground on the advanced server at LGA. There’s a backlog at the runway, and my lineup has potential to spill into another runway. Of course I can have them hold short of that other runway, but it would be great to have them queued up on multiple taxiways. That’s where taxiway markers would be awesome.

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Very true im not saying taxi lighting or taxi marking isn’t important. It just sounded to me like they were asking for it because they were getting lost on the taxiway.

(@Brandon_Sandstrom) Ya I get lost on runways at a new major field. I look at the plot and scan from the cockpit but sometime multiple interconnecting taxiways can get confusing.
Signage and a field diagram in maps would be helpful. Just Sayin…

(@Swang007). “Overhead” viewed Numbering, like Painted on the Tarmack at the Threshold. If there are some please identify the airport(s). Just Saying!
(I never landed on a hardtop public runway that was’t marked and numbered in the real world. It’s an FAA requirement if it’s listed, surveyed and certified “Public”)

Should be possible to design but it doesn’t render into IF yet. It’s considered to be an extra graphics feature that would be added over time.

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