More cockpit airplane livery

Something that has concerned me a bit is that there is not a lot of livery in all the planes, only a couple such as b737, b777 and a350. I would like to raise awareness on how all the planes should have cockpit livery! Thank you for listening!

I think there are over 700 total livery combinations to currently choose from. Maybe my definition of a lot is different from others, but 700 is a lot.

That said, some aircraft are older than others such as the Embraer aircraft. Those only have a 4 liveries or something on each one of them. Rather small amount. But rest assured, the E175 and E190 are currently being reworked, so you’ll be getting your wish of more liveries to be added in that regard.

Keep an eye out in the #features category and continue the conversations in the various topics in that category. There are lots of features requests for many, many more liveries for just about any aircraft you can think of.