More Clearance Options

It would be great if controllers had more clearance options. This would be my list:

Cleared for…

• landing (full stop)
• touch and go
• stop and go

This would also mean that pilots have more options when they call inbound.

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I believe that “Cleared to land” is to signify that they must do a full stop landing and “Cleared for the option” is used to allow anything including touch and goes, stop and goes, low passes, and full stop landings. If you are asking for a specific button for touch and go or stop and go, it won’t happen because in real life, you’re never “cleared for stop and go”


True, but earlier today I cleared someone for the option and they made a full stop landing. This is technically allowed but it’s still confusing. A controller could clear someone to takeoff after a Touch and Go plane passes, then suddenly that plane does a full stop because they were cleared for the option. At least “Cleared for touch & go” would help

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Yes, cleared for the option means either touch and go or full stop at the pilot’s discretion. That is why when you pick the ‘option’ command you also must instruct whether you want the pilot to make right or left traffic after the takeoff.

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Not necessarily. Once they’re in a pattern, they should keep that pattern. Make left or right traffic is only used if the pattern direction needs to be changes or if they are switching to a different runway.

I agree, but my posing was that the IF command sequence has the extra step of picking right or left traffic if you clear for ‘the option’…something. ‘Cleared to land’ doesn’t have.

If you clear someone for the option, it should be because there is little traffic at the airport and pattern work is okay. Clearing some for the option should take into consideration that you are giving them as much time as they want to do a full stop or touch. If the airport gets too busy, I like to just use the cleared to land option because I want to avoid pattern work when I’m already dealing with 20 other aircraft.

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maybe they changed their mind…lol…sometimes people say “remaining in the pattern” and then you see them fly off into the distance…lol (frequency change approved)

Yeah, that’s a great feature !

Don’t we already have this?

Hey! We already have this

@TylerShah, @Vinne - You guys do realize that this feature request is from 2015, and back then these ATC commands were non-existent in IF, thus the making of this request, which today serves no purpose as those commands has been added since.

I’m pretty sure this one can be closed by mods, I would suppose but that’s up to them to decide…


I didn’t realize it I’ll flag this to be close sorry @Captain_JR