More Cargo Liveries

These are a few suggestions for cargo aircraft liveries:
FedEx 767-300
UPS 747-400
British Airways World Cargo 747-8
Atlas Air 747-400
KLM Cargo 747-400
Cathay Cargo 747-8

Yes i know another awesome update just came out, but these liveries would be great to see soon, weather thats in the coming months or even years.


Air France Cargo :)


CAL Cargo 744

I agree. The only cargo specific aircrafts are the 777F and a330-200f.

Features Category please

Moved back to features. @Rotate, why’d you change it?

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One request per topic rule. There are 6 above.

So i would have to take up 6 topics with one livery each? Lol

As I’ve previosly stated I think the 747-200 is in serious need of some cargo liveries.


Ah. Forgot about that one. Thanks for changing it back.

Did you not read what we just discussed?

Yes! Hong Kong trader please! That just looks damn awesome


Cathay Cargo 744, as it was the first aircraft I saw on my first spotting trip! <3

CargoLogicAir 744? I have a photo, but this is in features (or meant to be) so I can’t share it.

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You can because this doesn’t belong in Features! :)


Here it is

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Looks like Air Bridge Cargo.

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Id love to have some planes which could have the Volga Dnepr livery on it but that’s pretty far fetched at the moment.

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Don’t forget a cargo aircraft! A330-200ST @Liam_Williams