More callouts!


I’d love to see more call outs in the game, for instance glide slope, terrain, TCAS etc. It would also be cool to have the different voices, for instance Boeing and Airbus have slight variations in their callouts, I think it would be cool in incorporate them, and they’d definitely add realism.

More Callouts for Android

A stall callout would be great

Best, Boeing707


I’m pretty sure there already is! You just have to be in the cockpit or HUD to hear it.


I see…

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Best, Boeing707


while a stall call out and no smoking and seat belt sign sounds can be heard while in the cockpit or hud Terrain, overspeed and TCAS sounds would be great!


Overspeed would be great!! I tend to do it a lot (rookie mistake, I know) but it would be a great way to enforce the 250 knots under 10,000ft rule.


I mean if you can find these call outs leagally I wouldn’t mind xD