More bottom bar “widgets” on bigger screens

I use the iPad Pro 10.5 to play IF.

There is some extra space in the bar at the bottom which is not being used. 4 other widgets (flight parameters) could fit there easily.

It would be nice if we could have the possibility to add some more widgets (like those already available, like Speed, AGL, Bearing, Yoke, …) there on bigger screens.


So when you add them, what’s gonna be the use of them? Do you have an idea in mind or something? :)

I actually like this idea. It would be great to be able to see more information widgets in the extra space. Then we can have more information visible if we choose.

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Don’t forget to vote for your own feature. :)

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It’s good idea to have more widgets but everyone don’t have an iPad mate ;)

I know. But I guess there are some more devices with bigger screens as well. The usage of those screens could be optimized in general

There is space for something, but for what? What would go in that space?

Maybe an option somewhere in the setting menu which allows you to change the number of widgets to suit your device.

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Those little widgets like those already there im the middle (AGL, Speed, G-Forces, Bearing, Flight Time, …)

I don’t what to call them 😂

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Flight parameters?

Widgets still sounds better.

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Bump. This is a feature which should be looked into.