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Hello people!

So I was at live ATC the website
And I was looking at the ATIS in some airports, and there are a few more things that IF does not have, here is one that will make controlling so much easer

IRL ATIS: Vancouver Airport ATIS information A, time 1200Z so on and so on

But right here is we’re I saw something

Departing Runway 26L
Landing runway 26R
No clearance needed when crossing runway 34

So that means that pilots do not need permission to cross that runway when needed to

So in IF this would be nice to have this as this will make ATIS a bit better :)

I think just letting IFATC type custom ATIS would be perfect because things can get pretty obscure.


I’m not sure that’s a good idea. As much as it would be useful, it would be super time consuming. When opening ATIS (as well as another frequency obviously) at the day’s hub, it’s a constant battle in those first few minutes to figure out where you want the traffic going, answering the 15+ unnecessary reports, all the while setting the ATIS. Selecting options and hitting publish means not only is it quicker, but it means there’s no chance of grammatical or spelling errors.

I’d suggest let’s stay on topic here, because I agree that a no clearance needed to cross runway XYZ would be a great addition.


We are trained to only include relevant information when setting up the ATIS. For example, KLAX is a big airport, so if it’s open and busy, we might put “expect long taxi times.” But if it’s low traffic, there’s no need to have that in there because more than likely there will be no delay while you taxi.

This feature would be nice for a couple reasons, but not for the example you list, OP. There is usually a TFR over the airport if you can cross a runway without ATC permission.

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We’ve been there, done that. Didn’t work out. People typed out bibles and overcomplicated things.


ATIS reading will be longer than the flight itself 😂

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People say it worked out just fine yesterday

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MaxSez: ATIS was a long time in coming. It’s here and as is, is just fine by me; with its inclusion in the airdrome data block coupled with weather data (METAR) is an extremely professional addition to a must have Airway procedures information source.

@KaiM quote noted. It begs the question are “contact reliefs” required on position turn overs at least on the expert server? In the R/W, on shift change overs a “Contact Reliefs” is required. During relief the relieved briefs the oncoming Controller thoroughly. ATIS is reviewed and changed as required and a “Shift Change” msg is broadcast.

A “Contact Relief” Procedure at shift change is not addressed in the IFACT Handbook. It appears necessary based on the quote. I consider it a Safety of Flight issue.

Additionally, ATIS should be installed on the Training Server. Trainee Controller should be offered every opportunity and system access at this stage of their matriculation. ATIS production is not Rocket Science!

G’day, Max 🔥Arrow

Well hey there Max!

Yes, they are. When one controller volunteers to take over from another, the new controller will either grab the ATIS using the D-ATIS or the previous controller will sent a screenshot of their ATIS screen for easy reference.

I agree. Controller changes are something I learnt by reading other people’s messages. A standardised procedure would indeed be of use.

Indeed it is not, but it would seem trolling provides many a laugh for those who practice it. I would suspect there would be people who only open the ATIS frequency and set all runways and all remarks. This makes the experience for serious pilots worse, and may impair their ability to fly under the command of ATIS once they reach the Expert Served. As you say, it is not difficult to master. It’s easy enough to pick up after joining IFATC.

@KaiM. MaxSez: Cogent response, But!

On the Trainer, The majority of Pilots on the Trainer can spot the in-mature fool Controller who goofs around; Provided erroneous guidance and xmit bogus procedures & would xmit erroneous ATIS Data.

Staff has repeatedly reminded AlCon that the Training Server is for Training (a school house).

With free access to this node what you see is what you get. ‘“Don’t underestimate the serious Pilot/Controller Trainee.”

Additionally the Mod’s & their minions snccesfuully monitor the Training Server. Fool & Kiddies don’t last long on any service.

ATIS on the Training Server is a “No Brainer”! It saves a step In the Expert Controllers into//training stage. “Never look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”, LOL.

Just my opinion, what say you?

Respectfully Mate, Max

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