More ATC & Spotting @ KDCA 3-10-19

This evening we decided to have an ATC session at KDCA once again, this time I tried out approach and departure for once, and it was quite interesting! Here are just a few of the photos I took!

here is a Southwest 737-700 on the river visual getting ready to land. To my knowledge he was probbably the only one that actually did the visual tonight, so thanks to you, @Transportation_Studi! here are some jets lined up at the gate and on the taxiway. This shot was taken from across a small creek on the other side of runway 19, at gravelly point, a small park which is known in the region for it’s great views of the airport and all the action that occurs over here! the Southwest 737-700 Shamu was one of the special visitors tonight, making a shuttle flight from the Southwest hub at KBWI, and afterwards, another flight down to KORF in Norfolk, Virginia. This chart shows the typical arrival and departure patterns that I tried to vector planes into for the various approaches/departures into DCA. Today, runway 19 and 15 were open, but 19 was of
course the main runway that was used except for some special occasions. image image these last two are just some edited photos, so enjoy!