More ATC/pilot accent voices

Sorry if wrong category but wondered if there is the possibility of more ATC/pilot accents such as French, German, Spanish, Danish etc? It would make ATC much more realistic when not in your home country plus a variety of pilot voices.


The Infinite Flight devs don’t add the ATC/Pilots voices, the voices come from the Text to Speech voices or Siri voices, as some call it, that you have on your device and whatever ones are displayed for yourself in the app are the ones you have downloaded.

If your on iOS all you have to do is go to Settings → Accessibility → Spoken Content → Voices. From here you can download some of the voices and they may appear in the app though note that not every voice is accessible within the app.

Here is what it looks like, as you can see some of the voices your requesting are ready for download ;)

Edit: Only the voices in “English” are available for the app

Oh wow thanks that’s great!!!

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Also, the other voices won’t be randomized for variety. That’s the voice the other pilots or controllers have chosen to be their voice. So if I choose “Tom (Enhanced)” everyone else will hear me as that voice. So if the pilots don’t choose unique voices themselves then there will not be a variety of different voice types.

Some most likely don’t know you can download the other non-default voices and if they are using a different operating system (Android vs iOS), then it may default to a voice because not all voices are available on both operating systems.

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Just want to add to this that it is only English language voices that are available. So, you can’t download any of the Arabic, Chinese, Czech, etc voices as shown in that image. But you can get American, British, Irish, Australian, Indian, and South African within the English bit.

But yeah, not possible for Infinite Flight to add any more (although that would be nice to have different language accents (obviously speaking English)…)

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Yeah I just tested it out, I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you!

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