More ATC for caribbean?

Why is there never any activity at lower caribbean like Trinidad (TTPP)?

Hello! The ATC schedule is determined by @ Tyler_Shelton. Send him a DM if you wish to see it featured, and maybe he will!

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Thanks!But how do i dm him? Bit confusing for me

Search up his username in the search bar. I was sparing him a tag since he gets enough already.


Thanks gonna try and figure it out now

Hello there! Unfortunately we don’t have TTPP for this schedule. To see more information click here

You’ll see all information of where we will have ATC for this weekend

You can also request to a IFATC to open this airport at saturday, as the ATC’s can choose where they are going to open

Thank you.


:( Thanks for info tho

No problem, hope we see your airport in future ATC shedules :)

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The Caribbean is featured almost every month or so. Usually, it’s TNCM that’s the hub but other airports are also open too! Maybe we can see Trinidad in the schedule soon!

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If I had to guess, the Caribbean airports are literally nothing compared to the traffic that appears at major hubs staffed with atc.

By literally nothing, I mean “it’ll be full within some minutes and traffic levels will exceed well beyond airport capacities”.

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