More ATC communications

Hello and first of all, I’m sorry if I recreated or wrote a post something similar that’s been already written… Also, I know that I can’t unfortunately request new stuff because of my trust level. Hope mods/devs see this:)

I would love to see new ATC communications/commands since we only have Request takeoff, Request/announce inbound/ misc messages: Thank You/ Thank you, good day/ You’re welcome, Report position; I would love to have the upwind (heading away from the runway you want to land on/if i’m incorrect please correct me (:). That’s all I can say for today, I would love to see your suggestions about new ATC commands!

Thanks, Happy flights and iyi günler

If you know it, why don’t you simply wait? You’re currently a basic (TL1) user. You need to be a member (TL2) user to be able to post in #features. You’ll get there in no time if you continue to stay active, participate in various discussions in a friendly and positive manner and make interesting posts.

Happy landings! :)

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Please wait until you are a member before requesting any new feature. There are new commands coming most likely in the next major update and the ATC mods are aware of the next commands we need anyway.

Here is a post by a TL1 that never got taken down:

Someone changed it to #real-world-aviation:spotting, originally it was in #general

Or landing clearence with wind.