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Hi guys, I wanted the people at infinite flight to think about one thing. If your put into a holding pattern and your running out of fuel, how could you tell ATC that your running out and need immediate landing clearance, also how could you tell the tower if you need to land back because of some fuel issue?



There will be a command/request box that will pop up at the bottom to announce you’re low on fuel.

Call inbound for landing

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There is already a feature that if your plane is low on fuel and you have been flying for a while u can request an emergency landing

Oh ok, I’ve never seen that command box before, but thanks guys appreciate it.

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It won’t pop up if:
• You haven’t flown for long enough (like you just took off, this is to stop people getting priority too easily)
• You still got a lot of fuel
• you haven’t seen it, as it is at the bottom

It only shows up after you’ve been flying for a certain amount of time, something that I can’t say and you’ve got to find out for yourself because some users may abuse this feature. The command box would show up when you have under 30mins flying time left

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Isn’t that request only available on Expert, otherwise TS pilots would purposely get low on fuel and spam ATC about it…

Like @Panther said, you have to be flying for a while before it shows up
This prevents trolls as it is not something that can easily be done.

I’m not 100% sure that it’s only on expert but I presume so because I’ve never seen it before on TS1
Edit: It is apparently

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It’s on all servers (TS1 and Expert)


if there is a command i highly request, it has to be 'The aborted takeoff feature '. Atc and pilots can be easily notified incase of an immediate action. Last week in expert server i was taking off and someone was crossing the runway by accident, this case i had to abort the takeoff because it was a very close call and i had to vacate off the taxiway after slowing down, unfortunately atc didnt know the situation so he told me to please follow instructions instead of reporting to the other guy.

I would recommend the following new command,

Expect Vectors For, Runway ##, Follow Filed Flight Plan

It opens the clear for approach while also allowing them to continue own navigation.

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We do have cancel takeoff, but its not really the same thing as abort per say. I’ve told people cancel takeoff on occasion if something happens unexpected.

I can agree with you that there is a cancel takeoff option, however that option is available only to ATC, i’d love to see pilots have that option too. Consider you are in my situation as mentioned, as a pilot what reference option do i have?

I agree with reaper that would be very usefull u should start a topic about this

You do have the option of aborting your takeoff (not a command for it). An ATC should be aware of the situation to begin with and not give you a follow instructions. If i see someone that is cancelling the takeoff, ill give them an exit command, get them back on ground, and then back to the runway for takeoff.

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