More Asian Liveries

I feel like Infinite Flight has a lot of American Planes and put less of Asian planes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Asian but would want ANA’s 777-300er, 737, or A380 (lol I’m an ANA fan). I’d also like more Chinese long haul carriers. Overall, Infinite Flight has a great load of liveries, but I’d like if they add more Asian planes.

.Before the regulars link you a few topics you need to make a feature request if you want those planes into the game :(. You need be TL2 or a member for this

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Ok thanks for the first reply. I’m. Im not totally sure what you mean. Anyways, this is my first forum so that makes you first reply for me.

I’m sure you will get there! Welcome to IFC Btw. Hope you enjoy your time in the community. Also take a look at this post A Beginners Guide to the Forum contains a lot of important info.

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Welcome to the community !

If you’d like, you can vote for some of the ANA liveries below:

And here’s some helpful topics to help you get started:

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Let me see… I got you covered, here we go 😉

China Southern Boeing 777-300ER

China Eastern Boeing 777-300ER

Air China Boeing 777-300ER

Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner


Aircraft liveries are always in the works and being added. Keep on voting for those that our community members have listed and you’ll likely find them on your favorite aircraft in the near future.